Servicios de Olivara Casa Mirador de Locubín


Buffet libre de desayuno
Breakfast buffet
Daily room servicing
Free Wi-Fi
Landline phone with free local calls
37" television in the attic lounge
Private bathroom in each room
Air conditioning and heating in each room
Furnished outdoor decks
Dinning area with outdoor deck
3 independent lounges
Rock-carved Tea room
Pets welcome
Accessories for children: extra bed / cot / high chair
Note: No smoking allowed except on the decks

Gastro activities

Wine tasting and visiting local wineries
Craft beer tasting and brewery visit
Tasting the best olive oils in the region and local cheese tasting
Theoretical class on the manufacture of olive oil and visiting local oil presses (Almazaras)

Nature activities

Activities arranged with specialised companies
Hiking. 4x4 routes. Observation of local fauna.
Environmental activities for children

Corporate activities

Multifunction 60 m2 lounge
Infrastructure and furniture for conferences and courses 
Catering service available provided by traditional local restaurant
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